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When it comes to moving into a new house, you would often first think about what style of furniture to get or what color you would paint your walls. But, what about your front yard and back yard? Most people tend to forget that having a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing garden outside your residential or commercial property can leave a good first impression on visitors and make their moods better. Besides this, a properly managed lawn can help you with pest control, weed outbreaks, and the preservation of the environment in your community. It can also increase the overall value of your house!

As we live in a fast-paced society, not many of us have the time to do landscaping by ourselves. It isn't easy to find landscapers that would respect your request and concerns. However, if you hire local pros like us, you can be assured that Landscaping Lubbock Pro will only provide you with the best service possible. Read on to find out more about us!

About Us

Landscaping Lubbock Pro is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing landscaping services in the Lubbock area of Texas for over 15 years. Our mission is to provide professional and affordable lawn care to each of our landscaping customers. As a company with much industry experience, we strive to create new standards for other landscaping companies in Lubbock Texas.

A friendly reminder: please don't visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416 because we don't offer on-site services. If you do have an inquiry or want to hire us for a project, please call 806-451-3993.

Our Services

In each project that we receive, Landscaping Lubbock Pro uses the latest technology to produce quality work. Moreover, our crew of hard-working and motivated people is composed of top landscapers so that we can meet every request and concern that you have.

Being a seasoned landscaping company, we have a variety of landscaping services to offer our customers. Our professional landscaping contractors carefully select plants and materials for your garden that would suit your tastes and be easy for you to manage. From a simple snow removal to complex landscape designing, rest assured that Landscaping Lubbock Pro will only charge a fair price for its services while giving you comprehensive landscaping. Some of our most popular services include lawn care services, tree services, landscape designing, shrub trimming, and irrigation systems.



The concept of landscaping consists of various information from the sciences and the arts. As fun as it seems to be, the process of landscaping requires a lot of brainpower. Our landscapers have to conduct intricate planning of the landscape's layout, wherein they have to consider numerous factors, such as the house, the outdoor furniture, the choice of plants and fence, and more.
Obviously, designing isn't the only thing involved in landscaping; construction is another part of it too! Besides building, one of the most common activities involved in the construction process is demolishing. Landscapers have to remove unwanted surfaces that can hinder you from achieving your desired style or structures that can put your property or loved ones at risk. Contractors also have to install and test irrigation systems and utility lines to know if they're all working fine.
Other Lubbock landscaping companies might choose to hire an external contractor. However, you can trust our professional Lubbock landscapers to do an excellent job!

Tree Trimming

Some people may argue that trees around your home and community wouldn't need any maintenance. After all, they're just trees! Well, most landscapers would like to say otherwise.
Pruning tree branches not only prevent the risks of damage to your residential property but also protect your loved ones from possible harm. Trimming your trees also encourages the growth of surrounding plants since by doing so, you're making sure your tree's foliage doesn't take all the sunlight. Moreover, cutting off dead or infected tree limbs can promote your tree's health. You can also encourage fruit production by pruning trees during the winter.
With Landscaping Lubbock Pro's tree trimming service, we prune trees according to the best season for their type. This is so that your tree can avoid acquiring infections.

Tree Trimming Lubbock
Lawn Care Lubbock

Lawn Care Services

You might think that lawn care and lawn maintenance are the same things, but they have some slight differences in definitions!
The term lawn care usually refers to the management of your yard's health. Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers a wide range of lawn care services such as pest control, fertilization, weed eating or weed control, and mulching. If you don't know what mulching is, it is a technique that lessens your water usage by covering the ground with dried leaves and other organic materials to prevent the escape from moisture.
On the other hand, lawn maintenance is for keeping your yard aesthetically pleasing and neat. Landscaping Lubbock Pro's lawn maintenance service consists of leaf clean-up and removal, lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and tree services.

Artificial Turf

The weather in Lubbock Texas can be a bit extreme, causing it to be a little difficult to maintain some of your yards. One of the popular suggestions for those who don't have the time to manage their garden is to get artificial turf; ever heard of the term? If you said no, that's alright! Artificial turf is a lawn with artificial grass made from synthetic fibers.
There are several advantages that result in artificial turfs becoming more sought after for residential properties. Some of these are lower cost of management, less energy required in looking after your yard, and the grass stays green all year-round. It might seem that all is great, but these turfs have their cons as well. Depending on the company, the material used for the artificial turf's production can be harmful to the environment. Some turfs also don't last longer than natural grass.
If you're unsure about your decisions, you can contact Landscaping Lubbock Pro at 806-451-3993, and we will be more than happy to serve and help you!

Artificial Turf Lubbock
Irrigation System Lubbock

Irrigation System

Watering your lawn can be taxing and make you feel exhausted. So, you might be thinking of installing your own irrigation system. But, how do you do that?
Before you install a sprinkler system, there are still some things to consider. You should pick a sprinkler system that is suitable for the size of your lawn, the water pressure on your property, and its specific features. While installing automated systems can be a bit pricy, it helps you save time, energy, and money. How does it save money, you ask? Thanks to the innovation of technology, there are advanced systems that allow you to distribute water evenly throughout your lawn; this allows you to minimize the cost of your next water bill!
Need some help? Don't be shy and contact Landscaping Lubbock Pro at 806-451-3993. We'll be happy to give you some advice!

Sprinkler System Repair

When one of your sprinklers malfunctions, there's a plethora of reasons why it's not doing its job. It could be something as straightforward as your sprinkler's filters clogging, but the problem's cause can also be as complicated as installation problems.
Another possible reason is the weather. Specifically, the winter season in Lubbock can surely freeze the pipes of your sprinkler system. When that happens, you should call a landscaping company for help since the freezing of water may cause large-scale damage to your whole sprinkler system. You must make sure you have your system winterized before the chilly season.
When pinpointing or fixing the issue becomes too difficult, this is where we step in! Sprinkler system repairs are also part of what our business offers our customers. Call us at (806) 451-3993! We make sure that the work performed by our staff is that of high-quality only.

Sprinkler System Repair Lubbock
Tree Stump Removal Lubbock

Tree Stump Removal

Sometimes, we have to cut down trees to avoid safety hazards, but what will you do about the remaining stump?
Generally, tree stump removal can be challenging since you would need specific equipment to do it. The common motive on why you would want to remove a tree stump is that it can make your lawn unsightly. More than that, decaying tree stumps can become a habitat for pests and fungi, creating potential dangers to pets and small kids. Another hazard with tree stumps is that their roots may damage your pipes and sewage system. Specifically, water leakage from your pipes may attract tree roots to go towards it, and this can further damage your sewage system.
Our company does a great job with these issues! So, contact us when you find a tree stump on your property!

Concrete Staining

Most people usually want their yards to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing. However, some homes already have lawns with pavements in the dull gray color of concrete. What can you do about this?
No, you don't need to buy new pavements to fix this problem. Instead, you can opt to stain existing concrete paths to make your gardens more vibrant! Of course, staining concrete doesn't only apply to walkways. You can also do this to any concrete surface, whether it be the flooring of your patio or your outdoor kitchen. By hiring concrete staining services, you would be saving a lot more dollars than you think.
Have any surfaces you'd like to be colored? Call us at 806-451-3993! Since we don't do on-site appointments, we'd like to remind you not to visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416.

Concrete Staining Lubbock
Lawn Mowing Service Lubbock

Lawn Mowing Service

While mowing seems like a simple task that any teenager could do, you might wonder why you have to contact a landscaping company for lawn mowing. Well, it's more complicated than that.
Have you ever thought about why businesses sold different kinds of lawnmowers? Well, that's because there are various kinds of gardens. For instance, you would want to use a petrol-powered lawnmower if you have a large garden since they are more powerful and faster than your ordinary cylinder mowers. Mowing might seem to only have beautification purposes, but it also helps with pest and weed control. By cutting the grass regularly, you can eliminate the homes of certain pests that would destroy your lawn.
As part of Landscaping Lubbock Pro's maintenance service, we also take simple lawn mowing projects from our clients. Additionally, the way you want to cut your lawn's grass may differ based on its type of grass, and you might need the help of an expert.

Christmas Lighting

Surprise! Some of you might not expect a landscaping company to take Christmas lighting requests. But, our business is more than happy to prepare your lawns for the holidays!
While you can choose to do it on your own, having a landscape company help you would definitely help in bringing your wildest ideas come true! There are several ways to decorate your lawns to fit the festive season. If you have enough space, you can install a fire pit to enjoy a cozy night with your family. Another popular suggestion is decorating your pathways with tiny lanterns!
From fence and tree lighting to outlining your home, Landscaping Lubbock Pro can install various lightings for your home at an affordable cost. Just don’t get too excited and visit us at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416 because we don’t offer on-site services!

Christmas Lighting Lubbock
Snow Removal Lubbock

Snow Removal

Winter may be the most popular season in the entire world. Maybe it's because there's so much to do in the snow or the thrill of Christmas shopping and opening presents.
Everything seems good until a snowstorm visits your town. Now that wouldn't be fun. After all, you're going to have to remove all that snow from your property. Why? Well, the accumulation of snow on your property can bring a handful of dangers. Firstly, the weight of snow can potentially make your roof collapse if you let it gather there. Second, having snow on your pathways and driveway can lead to the creation of ice, which introduces us to more safety hazards. Lastly, there is also the possibility of getting trapped in your home.
With all that said, it can be tedious to clean your driveway, front yard, and roof every other day. That's why Landscaping Lubbock Pro is here to help our customers get that burden off their shoulders!

Landscape Design

Designing can either be really fun or really draining, especially when you can't squeeze out any of that creative juice from your brain. With our landscaper's, we can do the thinking for you instead!
In designing the layout for your lawn, one of the things you have to consider is the terrain or landscape of your residential or commercial property. Is it in a mountainous area? Is it in a city? Or, is it near the sea? Another thing to keep in mind is why you want your lawn to be done by a professional landscaper; being aware of this will help you figure out what kind of style to go for.
Aside from terrain, you also have to consider the line, form, scale, texture, and color of your overall design. Basically, this means that you have to make sure that every plant, furniture, fence, and other material you pick would go well with one another. To save you from the incoming headache of pondering about these things, you can leave it to Landscaping Lubbock Pro to give you the garden of your dreams.

Landscape Design Lubbock
Sod Installation Lubbock

Sod Installation

You might wonder why you should get a sod installation since artificial turfs exist. However, sod has its own benefits too! For those of you who don't know what sod is, sod refers to a turf of grass held together by some soil, root system, and biodegradable material. In a way, it is similar to that of artificial turfs, but the only difference is that the grass isn't synthetic.
Firstly, it's a fast way to get already grown grass on your lawn. Second, you can apply sod almost any time during the year; you just have to make sure the ground isn't frozen. Third, you spend less water on them since the grass is already matured.
However, there are times when your sod may not be correctly installed; hence, needing a sod replacement. Additionally, installing and replacing sod can be a bit time-consuming. With Landscaping Lubbock Pro, you can be at ease that our crew will address your sod needs in the most efficient way possible.

The job of landscapers is to help you maintain and take care of your lawn. At the same time, they can also design and plan the construction for your desired layout. You should note that not all landscapers design and construct; some professionals may specialize in specific fields only.

As mentioned above, landscaping involves the careful planning and consideration of several factors to ensure that the construction for each project will go smoothly. A part of landscaping is the knowledge of correct management of people's lawns.

The Lubbock landscape specializes in farming. Since Lubbock Texas is situated on a plain, it is a flat landscape that is ideal as a place for planting certain crops such as wheat and corn.

While some might argue that landscaping isn't a lucrative business, it is still a field that is needed in our society. If your service is of high quality, a landscaping company can be a good source of income, especially when your business is hired for large-scale projects. All things said it might cost you a pretty penny if you plan to start your own landscaping company since the industry can be very competitive.

The three general types of a landscape are mountain landscape, coastal landscape, and flat landscape.

When you plan to do the landscaping yourself, you should outline your plans and designs first. By doing so, you can put a budget on your project, and you can make a better decision on what landscaping company you want to hire.

Some of the typical maintenance activities for landscaping are mowing, fertilizing, mulching, and tree pruning

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