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Artificial Turf: Lubbock Pro's Finest

We all love seeing the lush green of freshly mowed grass every morning. When growing real grass, it takes time and effort for you to get the best results. However, what if you don't have the time to maintain your grass? Well, our company can help you with that!

Landscaping Lubbock Pro can install synthetic turf in your yard in a short amount of time. We offer our services not only to residential properties, but we are also willing to do commercial properties! Our business is meticulous when assessing the quality of artificial grass for your lawn.

We charge our services at a fair price with no additional costs! If you want to schedule an appointment with us, please call 806-451-3993! By the way, we don't do on-site service, so please don't visit our office's address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX.

Selection of Artificial Grass

In this section, we will talk about how we install a putting green in your lawn. When selecting a supplier for synthetic grass, Landscaping Lubbock Pro conducts thorough research of their background to know that we are providing our customers with only the best artificial turfs. To give you an idea of how we search for good synthetic grass, here are some of the factors that we consider.

1. Durability

One of the first questions that come into mind when you want to purchase an artificial turf is, "is it durable?". You need to consider if your turf can withstand heavy foot traffic so that you can capitalize on its whole lifespan. Additionally, a denser synthetic turf is usually better than other products, but they come with a higher price tag. Don't worry because cheaper artificial grass doesn't mean that it has poor quality. Sometimes, they may even be better than premium synthetic grass.

2. Aesthetic Quality

When looking through putting greens, we would want a synthetic turf that would look like the real thing. You wouldn't want a yard that would obviously look like a fake lawn. Landscaping Lubbock Pro advises you to select artificial grass with long leaf blades to create a lusher and greener outdoor space. Additionally, you should check the color of your synthetic grass because some colors may be unnatural.

3. Weather Resistance

Here in West Texas, the climate could be obnoxiously hot, especially during summer. That's why you would need to select an artificial turf that wouldn't melt under the hot sun. Moreover, the color of synthetic grass may fade due to sunlight exposure. For other weather conditions, artificial grass does well under rain since they are permeable. They also look great even during the winter, but you should remove any snow or ice on them to avoid damage.

Do you have a few questions to ask? If so, you can call us at 806-451-3993! We would be happy to take in your request or project! Although, please don't visit our address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, Texas. We don't have on-site services.

Installation of Synthetic Turf

After we finalize the intricate planning necessary for the installation, we begin by removing all the existing grass on your lawn. We may also have to move some of your utility lines like electrical wires or water pipes. Once we have completed this, we bring in the tools needed to lay a proper base for your artificial turf; this is where we will be attaching your new turf.

After we have finished the preparation of the base, we start to layout your turf and let them sit in the sun for a while to expand; followed by cutting the synthetic grass to fit your yard's dimensions. Now that your turf is looking snazzy, we can tuck its edges in and secure your artificial turf into the lawn. We then begin the process of applying infill to your synthetic grass.

If you are wondering, infills are substances placed in between the blades of your grass to retain its color, shape, springiness, and overall quality. You should also note that for every synthetic turf, a different kind of infill is suited for it. We then use a power brush to apply this to your new turf.

In each project we do, Landscaping Lubbock Pro is always open to any ideas you may have. If you want to ask more about our company's details, we would be glad to consult you with our expertise! You can reach us through our number: 806-451-3993! Please don't visit our office at  6348 10th Street, Lubbock, Texas. We won't be able to attend to you as we don't offer on-site service.

Synthetic Grass vs. Sod

Now, the debate of whether synthetic turf is better than sod installation is a matter our customers often think about. As a veteran company in the landscaping industry, Landscaping Lubbock Pro hopes to teach you more about these two kinds of turfs.

First, let's discuss putting greens. The main benefits of using artificial grass bring are it requires low maintenance, and your lawn can stay green even in winter. The installation process of synthetic turf is much more affordable as well.

On the other hand, natural grass would require more maintenance than synthetic turf. You need to remove weeds, apply pesticides, and avail other care services to keep your grass healthy. Although they help the environment by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, you may spend a lot of money on watering if your land has a big area.

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Artificial Turf in Lubbock

While we usually offer services only to neighborhoods within Lubbock, Texas, we may plan on extending our service to communities outside of Lubbock. If you want to know more details, please call us through our phone number: 806-451-3993!

In some cases, we do recommend some commercial facilities have synthetic turf installed on their properties instead. Our reasoning behind this is that your commercial facility may experience more foot traffic than a residential house would. With that said, you will save more money with artificial grass since they are low maintenance and have strong durability.