Christmas Lighting

There’s no way better to celebrate the holidays than decorating your lawn for this Christmas! While shopping for your desired decorations is fun, you can’t deny that the designing aspect of the process is more enjoyable. You could be thinking of the wildest Christmas ideas for your garden, but you might find yourself backtracking, asking yourself if it’s possible. That’s when we step in!

Landscaping Lubbock Pro is more than happy to help you with your Christmas lighting needs! We take away the hassle of doing the physical labor for you while ensuring that your garden remains picturesque for Christmas. We offer decorations and lighting of varying styles for our customers too!

If you want to know more about our rates and services, call us at 806-451-3993. However, we don’t offer on-site services, so we won’t be able to entertain your inquiries if you go to our office address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416.


Our Work Process

Before we go to your property to decorate and set up your lighting, we always first draft proposals for you. With each design that we create for your lawn, we try to incorporate your personal styles and any request that you may have. After having several discussions, we go over the costs.

When all preparations have been done, we begin our decorating and lighting process. Our electricians will be on-site to check that the lighting is safely connected to your power source. In the meantime, our landscapers will be decorating your yard with the design that you have chosen.

Once the year is coming to a close, Landscaping Lubbock Pro makes it possible for you to celebrate the new year stress-free. We help you efficiently and safely pack away any Christmas lighting that you might have on your lawn, fences, and roofs. By the way, we also decorate and remove any lighting from any house, no matter the size!



At Landscaping Lubbock Pro, we understand that it may be headache-inducing to think of ways to decorate your gardens other than the usual wreaths and garlands. Here, we will be showing you some of the things we can do with our Christmas lighting!

1. Structural Lighting

If you want your home to stand out during this winter season, we recommend structural lighting for your home! This kind of style involves outlining the structure of your house with Christmas lights. At night, the lights can give your home a magical feel.

2. Pathway Lighting

If you don’t want to go too fancy with your decorations, you can opt for a simple pathway or walkway lighting instead. As the name suggests, we will be outlining your walkways with lights. Not only will this make your property look chic, but it can also make your Christmas night more romantic!

3. Planting Lighting

As you can imagine, we wrap lighting around trees and shrubs to achieve this style. It is guaranteed to make your abode look elegant and serene on a Christmas evening. We also install the light cables with our electricians to check whether they are safe enough for your plant!

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