Concrete Staining

Concrete, it’s a material that we see everywhere every day. You can see it used in the creation of bridges, building walls, and highway pillars. Aside from this, landscapers can also use concrete on pathways, outdoor kitchen floors, and statues! As you can see, concrete can be very versatile with its uses. While the usual dull gray of concrete may fit your garden’s aesthetic, what if it doesn’t?

Some cases of this happening are when your residential or commercial property has already-made yards. Now, that won’t let you have the freedom to create an outdoor area according to your tastes, wouldn’t it? That’s why Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers our concrete staining services so that we can add that splash of color that you have been looking for your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces!

Though we don’t offer on-site services, you can schedule an appointment with us by calling our phone number: 806-451-3993! With that said, please don’t visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416.


How do you color concrete?

Now, don’t get confused with staining concrete with coloring the surface with spray paint. The whole process of it is a lot more complex.

Before staining concrete, Landscaping Lubbock Pro does a careful assessment of your old surfaces. We have to check if they are sealed or waxed. Removing these layers from your concrete will help the staining process run much faster, and it will also lead to better results; this is why thoroughly cleaning your old concrete is what we first do.

After that, we can begin testing the stain on your concrete surfaces. At our company, we don’t like directly starting the staining process because there may be cases when there are traces of other substances left on the surface. In that case, it would be more costly for both parties since we would have to redo the entire process.

When our landscapers deem that your concrete is clean, we can finally begin the staining process. Before this, we would have to consult with you on your choice of stains. In the industry, there are mainly two kinds of stain solutions: acid-based ones and water-based ones.

Acid stains are known for being faster in taking effect on concrete slabs than water-based solutions. However, there is only a small range of colors to pick from, mostly being browns.  On the other hand, water stains have more color options but require long hours of surface preparations. Surface preparations are crucial since if the water-based solution has no medium to cling onto, it will be vulnerable to being washed away easily.

When we have finished staining the concrete, you will have to wait some hours for the dye or stain to settle. After the time has passed, we clean up the residue produced from the chemical reactions of the slab and stain solutions. If you choose to use acid-based stains for your concrete, we will have to neutralize it with baking soda or ammonia. Otherwise, the acidic nature of the dye will destroy the sealer. Finally, we seal the surface after the clean-up.

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