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Irrigation System Lubbock

Watering plants can be a therapeutic activity, but it can also be the exact opposite. Specifically, it can be very tedious if you don’t have the time to do so. One of the things you can do is hire someone to water your plants for you. However, can you trust that someone? Do they know if they’re overwatering your plants? What if they are wasting your water?

By having an irrigation system, you can spend less time, money, and energy watering your plants. Although, you might want the help of a professional to install your systems. Besides this, you also want someone with the right expertise to help you pick the most suited variant of the irrigation system for your garden. If you work with Landscaping Lubbock Pro, we assure you that we got your back!

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Kinds of Irrigation Systems

When Landscaping Lubbock Pro recommends an irrigation system for you, we choose it based on the size of your lawn, your water storage, and the water pressure of your residential or commercial property. Here are the two main types of lawn irrigation systems to give you an idea of your available options.

1. Sprinkler Systems
As you all know, sprinkler systems are the most used alternative to your traditional hose or watering cans. They are mostly known for the convenience and efficiency that they bring to lawn maintenance. Today, more advanced systems can help you with weed control by only targeting your plant’s roots. Moreover, other sprinkler systems can distribute water evenly across your lawn, reducing your water usage and water cost.

Despite these, there are some disadvantages to having your sprinkler systems. Firstly, the weather can be a difficult opponent for you because the strong wind may cause the water to go somewhere else and lead to other sections of your lawn not receiving its daily water intake. Aside from this, the winter season can freeze your pipes and bring damage to your whole sprinkler system.

2. Drip Irrigation
Though drip irrigation may not be as popular as sprinkler systems, they also come with their benefits. This irrigation system is perfect for a greenhouse, a small garden, flower beds, and oddly-shaped lawns. The mechanism of drip irrigation involves the provision of water to plants through openings on the drip lines. Moreover, these drip lines are attached to the main tube of your water resource. You can either place this on the surface or beneath the ground. Experts say that drip irrigation systems can save you more water than sprinkler systems.

Nevertheless, drip irrigation still has its disadvantages. They can easily break if you accidentally mow over them. Additionally, unprofessional or faulty installation of the system can lead to a drought in your garden. The heat may also damage your drip tubes based on their source material

With all that said, you may be unsure of what kind of irrigation system you want. Well, you always have Landscaping Lubbock Pro to help you with all your landscaping needs. You can contact us at 806-451-3993, and our crew will be happy to assist you!

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