Landscape Design

Everyone wants to wake up to the scenery of a picturesque garden; although, it wouldn’t be easy to achieve this on your own. You would have to intricately plan the greenery, water systems, hardscapes, and many more! Additionally, looking for the right plants and furniture can cost you a lot of time and money.

Landscaping Lubbock Pro is proud to offer you our landscape design service. Our designers aren’t only experts with much industry experience, but they also keep themselves updated with the latest trends. With their expertise, we can help you save time and energy in creating a design by yourself.

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Preparation of the Design

First, we need to make an outline by understanding the terrain and climate of the location. This investigation is crucial to the landscape design since it would determine what plants will be best for your area, what outdoor living elements you can incorporate, and where will all of these be positioned.

Besides this, studying the site will also help us map your water systems and utility lines. With our contractors, our designers plan out how to build these according to the intended form of the landscape. At the same time, Landscaping Lubbock Pro will discuss with you the colors and textures of the plants, furniture, and other outdoor living elements for your garden. Don't forget to tell us your budget for the project because it will help us find high-quality items within your price range. It matters to us that you are also part of the designing process.

Now, we must remind you that this stage of designing may take a while because we will present you with drafts and proposals to ensure that we are not straying from the kind of aesthetic you desire. Landscaping Lubbock Pro is known for being meticulous. We do not want you not getting your money's worth, nor do we like our work to be mediocre. With that said, a lot of discussion between our team and you as we will have to consider more than just aesthetics. It is important to us that your garden is entirely functional as well.


The Construction Process

When we have reached a final design, we can now begin with the construction. To make things more systematic, Landscaping Lubbock Pro only uses the latest technology. Additionally, the length of the construction period will be dependent on the complexity of the final layout. If the design requires the installment of recreational facilities, it may take a bit longer. We do not like rushing the construction so we can ensure you the best results and avoid mistakes. Despite this, Landscaping Lubbock Pro will do its best to provide you with carefully tailored designs according to your tastes in the shortest possible time.

If you want to book an appointment, don't visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416. We do not provide on-site services. Instead, you can reach us through our phone number: 806-451-399! We also offer free estimates! By the way, drywall contractor mansfield tx is our trusted partner!

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