Lawn Aeration

Have you ever noticed the brown-looking grass in your yard? What you might be seeing is lawn thatch, which is the dead organic material that builds up due to overwatering, use of chemical fertilizers, and infrequent lawn mowing. When thatch accumulates, it clogs your soil and prevents proper water absorption by the roots.

Now that we know how thatch affects our lawns, we understand the importance of hiring experts for professional lawn care and maintenance. Lawn aeration is another thing you can leave to us, lawn care veterans. This technique has been used frequently as a way to get rid of thatch from our lawns.

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Why You Should Do Aeration

There are several reasons why lawn aeration is a maintenance activity for your lawn. Firstly, you can ensure that your plants are getting adequate amounts of nutrients and water. Aerations creates a passage that would allow water to flow freely to the roots.

It also contributes to improving your lawn’s drought resistance by letting your grass get the nutrients they need. Besides this, aeration helps with overseeding, which makes your turf thicker and greener. By having stronger grass, your lawn will be less susceptible to disease. Aeration also helps prepare your grass for the winter.

The Aeration Process

Landscaping Lubbock Pro advises homeowners to aerate their yards often, twice a year precisely. To be more specific, you should aerate depending how much your lawn receives foot traffic. When we say foot traffic, the term refers to how frequent your grass is stepped on or how often you do activities on it,

When we aerate your lawn, it is best when the ground is moist because dry land will be harder to penetrate. At the same time, aeration removes excess thatch from the ground and loosens compact soil. While you may think that our crew would remove all the thatch from your lawn, we will leave a bit of it on the soil since they are also good at insulating heat.

Additionally, we prepare the lawn first before aerating by mowing, and we also take note of your irrigation systems that may receive damage from the operation. Then, we can decide on the type of equipment to use. There are two main types of lawn aeration equipment: spike aerators and core or plug aerators.

As the name suggests, spike aerators poke the ground to decompress the ground. Compared to core aerators, the effects of this type of aerator are only short-term because the soil will readjust itself over time and close the hole created by your spikes. On the other hand, core aerators are suggested for long-term aeration because these come in the form of tubes. Once you push them into the ground, they can create a wider passageway for water and fertilizer to go through by taking away several inches of thatch. Don’t also forget to take them out.

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