Lawn Care: Lubbock Pro's Roots

Are you looking for lawn care services? If you are, our company might be the one for you! Nowadays, people are becoming busier with their everyday lives, so, understandably, they can't do lawn maintenance by themselves.

For more than a decade, Landscaping Lubbock Pro has provided professional lawn care programs and surrounding areas. With our expertise, our business has grown to provide various lawn services in Lubbock, TX. Additionally, our most asked facilities are our lawn mowing services.

Whether your property is residential or commercial, we charge each local lawn service at a fair price. If you want to schedule an appointment, please don't visit our office address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX, as we do not provide service on-site. Please call us at 806-451-3993 instead! We can also give you a free estimate!

Why Choose Lubbock Lawn Services

Among veteran lawn care companies, Landscaping Lubbock Pro will go to any measure to give our customers the best lawn care service possible. After all, frequent and expert lawn maintenance can lead to a beautiful lush green and healthy lawn. With that said, let's look into what we can do for your yard.

Our Lubbock Lawn Care Services

Due to the weather conditions in Lubbock, Texas, lawn care services can help your yard withstand the summer heat. For instance, installing irrigation systems ensures your grass is getting its daily water intake. Core aeration can also help ease the accessibility of nutrients to their root system.

Moreover, weed control, Lubbock Pro's specialty, further promotes the growth of your grass and the plants around your lawn. Our company offers mechanical and chemical weed control; however, we rarely do the latter as we do not want to harm the environment.

By removing weeds, you are destroying the homes of pests, thus, doing insect control. Hiring experts for pest control does not only protect your lawn's health but also shields your loved ones from potential health risks.

If you need any help with basic lawn care tasks, we would be glad to help! Our crew can assist you with weed eating, fertilizing, and mulching. In case you have a few questions, you can call us through our phone number: 806-451-3993. Once again, please don't visit our office's address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX.

Our Lubbock Lawn Maintenance Services

From late spring clean-ups to fall leaf removals, Landscaping Lubbock Pro assures you that we can address any kind of maintenance need year-round. From simple fence repair to intricate tree trimming, we promise to give you fast and excellent service.

Being an established company, we are proud to present you with our professional tree care services! Tree pruning is known to prevent our trees from acquiring a disease by removing their dead limbs. However, if your tree has died due to sickness, we can help you with the tree removal process. You can also opt for stump grinding instead.

When we have a mowing appointment, we select our mowers according to your yard's type of grass. Ideally, we want to mow your lawn according to their respective growing season; this is because different types of grass have their own favored seasons.

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