Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing your grass every other day can be a draining and loathsome activity; it might even drive you to the point when you just want to throw your lawnmower away. Though we get why you would do that, we don’t advise you to follow through with it. Mowers can be pretty expensive, after all.

Mowing can be a simple task, and some people think of it as a mere chore. However, mowing is one of the most important maintenance activities for your lawn or garden.  Cutting grass regularly not only helps with keeping your yards pretty and neat, but mowing also contributes to weed control. At the same time, you are also destroying the homes of other tiny pests and bugs.

Do you have any questions? You can reach us at 806-415-3993! Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers consultations and free estimates! Additionally, don’t visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416. We don’t have on-site services. And feel free to check out our friend who's a Painter in Covington, LA.


Our Mowing Process

When it comes to lawn mowing, you can trust our lawn care professionals to take good care of your lawns. Before we begin mowing your lawn, we choose each mower based on the size of your lawn and your lawn’s type of grass. Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers its mowing services at a fair price. Additionally, do not charge our clients with hidden or additional fees!

We also consider the weather and season if these factors are suitable for mowing your lawn. For instance, it is not good to cut grass after rain because it will be harder to work with and might cause the formation of ruts.

After choosing the type of mower, we will need to remove any debris or object that may obstruct the lawn mowing process.  Once we have finished cleaning up, we can officially begin with mowing your grass! We like being efficient, so our crew in Landscaping Lubbock Pro has received training on how to edge and trim your lawn effectively. Overall, the whole process usually takes nearly an hour to be finished, but of course, it would depend on how big the land is.


Styling and Patterns

Aside from keeping your yard healthy, lawn mowing techniques can also help enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden. Specifically, there are ways to cut your grass to achieve the pattern that you want!  Here are some of them to know what style to tell us when you call us at 806-415-3993!

  1. Stripes

This style gives your lawn a very uniform look. With lines of grass in alternating shades of green, it can be quite pleasing to the eye and impress your visitors. It embodies the phrase: short, sweet, and simple.

  1. Crisscross

If you want to have a mini baseball stadium in your front or backyard, you can opt for the crisscross pattern for your lawn! Not only is it fun, but it also can be refreshing to the eye to have a unique-looking yard.

  1. Circles and waves

While these styles are usually better suited for larger lawns, they may work for smaller ones. They can give your garden a more sophisticated feel, and they can boost your overall aesthetic as well!

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