Snow Removal

When the first drop of snow hits the ground, you can hear the giddy cheers of children, but you may also hear the groans of adults. They have a good reason to dislike winter despite the many fun activities that you can do during the season, and that reason is snow shoveling.

Lubbock is known for its extreme weather conditions during the winter season.  With the lowest temperature record of -17°F, a blizzard in the city can be dangerous for citizens. You'd think that it would be safe when the storm has finished; however, the safety hazards don't vanish immediately.

After all, leaving snow to accumulate on your home could lead to the formation of ice. We all know that ice opens the gates to a lot of opportunities of getting injured. Another hazard introduced by heaping piles of snow is that it may be difficult for you to leave your property. Worst case scenario, you may get trapped in your own house.

You can contact us to know more about our rates and equipment by calling 806-451-3993! Please don’t visit our office’s address at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416. Unfortunately, we don’t do on-site services.


Snow Removal Preparation

Before we head to your property to remove the snow, we check first if the weather conditions on the date of your appointment are safe enough for our crew to work. Even if the circumstances are safe, we will still have to monitor the forecast as extra measures. We also assess your property and its surrounding area to devise a plan for maximum efficiency.

The Process

Depending on the type of your property, we offer various kinds of services for you. If you own a residential property, we suggest that you do a snow plowing service. On the other hand, if you own a commercial property, we recommend complete snow removal instead. However, what is the difference?

1. Snow Plowing, Blowing, and Shoveling

The method of snow plowing involves the clearing of snow from driveways, pathways, and lawns. To move aside large amounts of snow, we use a snowblower and plow truck to transfer them to an empty section of your property. We use our shovels for areas that heavy equipment can’t reach and spaces that require more control to lessen any possible damage to your garden

2. Snow Removal and Hauling

Although snow removal is entirely similar to your regular snow clean-up service, the difference is that we can take it off your property rather than just pushing it aside to an empty part of your lawn. This option is more recommended for commercial properties because they have less space than residential lawns. To know more details, give us a call at 806-451-3993

3. Deicing

To prevent the formation of ice, we also use deicing products. We usually use acetate products for deicing since salt and sand can be harmful to our environment. Additionally, salt and sand can contaminate our groundwater or our drinking water resources. Landscaping Lubbock Pro also does a vigilant job choosing the product to use to deice your driveways and lawns.

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