Professional Sod Installation

Here in Texas, not all residential properties come with a front or backyard with fully grown grass. Sometimes, you will have to plant them yourself, and seeding can take some time. We all want that lush green landscape when we wake up in the morning. So, what can you do to achieve this faster?

Here at Landscaping Lubbock Pro, we can deliver fresh sod to your front door! In the arid climate of the West Texas area, you might want to have sod installed in your lawn; whether it is for a residential or commercial property, you can trust us to efficiently and safely install sod in your yard!

Being a veteran in the industry, Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers its sod installation service as one of its main services. We charge our customers at a fair price with no additional cost. If you want to know more about the pricing, you can call and schedule your next appointment with us through our phone number: 806-451-3993!

As a friendly reminder, please do not visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX. We don't offer on-site services. Please reach us through our number instead. We also provide a free estimate and consultation!

Lubbock Sod From the Best

In this section, we will talk about our process of how we do our sod installation service. In each project we do, we first review and assess the state of your lawn. Don't worry if you have existing grass because we will have to kill all the old grass and weeds that we find in your turf. After doing so, we remove the dead lawn. We also inspect your irrigation systems if they are affected by the installing process.

After all the necessary preparations, we begin rototilling the soil of your lawn. Next, we clean up any remaining debris. Once our crew deems that your yard is ready for your new turf, we start bringing the sod to your place. All of the turfs that we use for each project is specially chosen by the best experts only. When we have finished rolling out your new sods, we will water your lawn shortly after. You should also start mowing your new turf after nearly a week of the appointment date. Other maintenance details will be shared with you by our staff.

Landscaping Lubbock Pro charges its services at a fair price without any added or hidden cost. If you have a few questions, you can call us at 806-451-3993!

Selecting Our Turf Farm and Sod

Being an established company in the industry, Landscaping Lubbock Pro guarantees that we only offer high-quality turfs for you. When selecting a turf farm to work with, our team conducts thorough research on their background so we know that our supplier can bring us quality sod. To give you an idea of the criteria we have for good sod, Landscaping Lubbock Pro considers its color, thickness, and its durability for handling. Additionally, we check if the sod has an adequate amount of thatch and if the sod is free from weeds. Uniformity is another sign we like to check on its quality.

Choosing a Turf for Your Yard

As always, Landscaping Lubbock Pro values communication with our clients. We like to discuss with you what grass you would like for your ideal landscape. From Bermuda grass sod to bluegrass sod, we will present you with several types of sod to choose from. Depending on your location in Texas and what you want to do on your turf, we suggest different kinds to our customers.

For example, Bermuda grass would suit hotter climates more, so they are quite suitable for towns in Lubbock. If you want a more versatile type of grass, you can opt for the St. Augustine sod instead. Not only are they suited for hot, humid climates, but they are also very compatible with different kinds of soil. In addition, St. Augustine grass can be more durable than other grass, meaning it can withstand heavy foot traffic. Lastly, Zoysia sod is another type of grass that we recommend for customers looking to cut the cost of their water bills.

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Yes, you can. However, we may have to move any plants out of them away to make the installment easier. Another option is to install sod onto the old grass. However, this approach may be tricky as you want the sod to have access to the soil.

Obviously, we are a licensed company. We wouldn't be able provide you with our service if our business were not licensed, let alone start it. Landscaping Lubbock Pro has been serving neighborhoods around Lubbock, Texas for 15 years already.

As mentioned earlier, you can call us at 806-451-3993 to know more about the price or cost of our service. Moreover, please do not visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX since we do not offer on-site service. We tailor our landscaping services to be of high-quality only. Our company also accepts any project from Lubbock, Texas.