Sprinkler System Repair

Expert Irrigation System Repairs

When you hire someone to install an irrigation system on your lawn, you obviously want it to have no issues. However, what if you hire a non-professional? You can't guarantee that they'd do a good job like a licensed business, so you might feel that you wasted your money. Although, you can always hire an irrigation system repair service!

As a company that's been serving Lubbock for 15 years, Landscaping Lubbock Pro can guarantee you a proper irrigation installation and an efficient system repair service. Whether your property may be commercial or residential, our expertise lets us do a great job when it comes to identifying the problem of your sprinklers. We offer our services to any location in Lubbock, TX.

Do you want to schedule an appointment? Landscaping Lubbock Pro charges its installation and repair services at a fair price with no hidden cost! We also offer free estimates and consultations.

Importance of an Irrigation

It is crucial to have your sprinklers or drip irrigation fixed during the summer. After all, the city of Lubbock can have extreme weather conditions. You wouldn't want to water your grass, trees, and other plants under the hot scorching sun for too long. With Landscaping Lubbock Pro, you don't have to search for services in Lubbock, TX.

Moreover, we all know how effective irrigation systems are in conserving water, creating a lush green landscape, and keeping a well-maintained yard. That is why we need to learn how to maintain them. It should also go without saying that homeowners should hire professional service to replace their sprinkler heads or drip tubes when they find something wrong with these facilities.

If you have a few questions about lawn maintenance, service cost, or other related details, feel free to call Landscaping Lubbock Pro at 806-451-3993. Located at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX, our office doesn't provide on-site services.

Drip Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair: Lubbock Pro's Services

While other Lubbock companies don't offer both drip irrigation and sprinkler system troubleshoot services, our company provides both to our clients. In this section, we will be discussing the details of how we work.

Causes for Sprinkler Malfunctions

There are several reasons why your sprinkler system may not be working as intended. The most common problem our consumers face is that the clogging of their sprinkler heads. Always remember to clean its filter inside the sprinkler head every month.

You may also need to replace your solenoid valve with a new one. This part of the sprinkler system is responsible for regulating water flow. A faulty solenoid valve is usually the cause of any leaking from your sprinkler heads. Moreover. a worn-out zone valve can be a cause of leaking. Zone valves are the ones that control the on-and-off functions of a group of sprinklers.

In each project we do, we are always open to any request from our customers. We cater to everyone within the city of Lubbock., TX.

Sprinkler System Repair Procedure

Once we determine the problem, our work begins by assessing the surrounding area of your yard. External factors can potentially cause problems too. If an external component was the root of the issue, we can help set preventive measures or give you some advice.

Depending on the damage to your sprinkler system, the duration of the process may vary. You may have to wait an hour or longer; this is normal for any business to work efficiently and ensure quality. Our company needs to be thorough so that your plants and trees won't miss out on their daily water intake.

Once we fix your sprinkler system, we entertain any request for system improvements. In any project that we do, we value our customer's satisfaction. We also leave some lawn maintenance tips for you before we leave your property's lawn.

If you want to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us through our number: 806-451-3993. Landscaping Lubbock Pro will be more than happy to visit your property and help you. As a reminder, please don't visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX, because we don't have on-site services.

Causes for Drip Irrigation Malfunctions

Based on the material of the drip tube, it can be very brittle and can break easily due to lawn mowing and heavy foot traffic. That is why we suggest you set landscape lighting on your property so that you can easily see its location and avoid cutting it with your lawnmower. Additionally, you can prevent injuries from tripping accidents by providing your lawn with some landscape lighting.

Another frequent problem that you can face is clogging. Since drip tubes have emitters that let water drop onto the plant's roots, there is the possibility of dirt, fungi, and algae clogging your filter. Don't forget to clean your filters every month. The weather in Lubbock can also be extreme, so protect your drip tubes from overheating.

When you experience leaking, the location of the problem could be in the emitters, risers, and tube ends. The solution that you want to implement would differ on the part that needs fixing. For example, a drip line is leaking due to a tear on the pipe. What you can do is remove the broken bit and connect the rest with a coupler.

Drip Irrigation System Repair Procedure

As always in every project, we begin working by investigating the location of the issue. Drip tubes can be installed beneath the ground or on the surface. Due to this, they are more vulnerable than sprinklers.

Being one of the older businesses serving Lubbock locals, our expertise allows us to search and determine the cause of your system's malfunctioning with ease. We do not have one solution for malfunctioning drip irrigations as we modify it to the nature of the issue.

Once we have fixed your system, we offer our customers suggestions for improvements they can implement. Landscaping Lubbock Pro guarantees that your irrigation system is performing better than ever. Before we leave your house, we also entertain any remaining requests that you may have.

We charge our lawn maintenance and landscape design services at a fair price. We only make you at an affordable cost! If you want to hire us and book an appointment, you can reach us at 806-451-3993. Landscaping Lubbock Pro offers its services to any location within Lubbock, TX.

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Are you unsure of which services in Lubbock, TX, to hire? When looking at the pricing for the installation fees, don't be surprised if the pricing is high because businesses that offer their system repairs and installation service at a low price use equipment with poor ratings from experts. If you're looking for a company in Lubbock to help you with your gardening project, we would be glad to listen to your request. We also do not make our customers pay ridiculously high prices.

Depending on the nature of your project, your ideal system can be different. It would also depend on your surrounding area. Most importantly, we need to pick a watering facility that will do a great job sprinkling all the grass, trees, and plants in your garden. Otherwise, they may not survive the weather conditions here in Lubbock, Texas.

If you want more water to reach different parts of your yard, you may want to consider using  sprinkler systems than drip tubes. If you have a small garden, you can go for drip irrigation instead. You will be able to save more water this way.

If you can pinpoint the location and know the nature of the problem, you can fix the issue by yourself. You will be able to save money too. However, the problem may be more complex than you think it would be. So, you should search for a local Lubbock business that can do a good job! You can ask us a few questions by calling 806-451-3993! We would be happy to entertain any request from you!

If your property is in Lubbock, we suggest that you do. We do not want your sprinkler or drip irrigation system to freeze and break. While there are a lot of similar services in Lubbock, TX, our crew has expertise with the winterization of both systems. So, you can reach us at 806-451-3993! We don't entertain any concerns on-site, so don't visit us at 6348 10th St., Lubbock, TX.