Tree Stump Removal

For centuries, trees have always provided us with an abundance of materials. As much as we love our trees, there are inevitable times when we have to cut our precious plants down due to mostly safety hazards. But, what do you do with the stump after you have removed the tree?

While you may find a use for it as a cute stand or decoration piece, our landscapers would say otherwise; after all, there are more risks of having a tree stump lying around your garden than you think there are, such as stumps being potential breeding grounds for pests and infection for your surrounding trees.

We at Landscaping Lubbock Pro can help you with removing an unsightly stump from your garden! Want to book an appointment? Call us at our telephone number: 806-415-3993! Since we don’t have on-site service, please don’t visit our office at 6348 10th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416.

Methods Used in Tree Stump Removal

Some of you might think that removing a tree stump would only involve the usage of an ax and a shovel. Realistically, that kind of approach may work, but it’d take a lot of days for you to finish the job. With Landscaping Lubbock Pro, we can finish the job within only a few hours! To give you an idea of how we remove your stump, here are two of the main types of stump removal used in the industry.

  1. Chemical Removal

This approach to stump removal often involves the use of chemicals that can be harsh to the environment. Specifically, the process requires a smaller stump, so contractors would have to chop it down first. Once your stump has become smaller, the staff would drill holes into it. After doing so, the stump will be ready for the chemicals to be poured in.

While other landscaping companies may use this method, Landscaping Lubbock Pro does not use this approach. The environment is deeply tied to us by the nature of our work; it’s only logical that we care a lot about it. That’s why we do not suggest you opt for this method. The damage to our environment is not worth the high price tag too. You should note that this will not immediately remove your stump; it might take a few days to a few years for the solution to fully take effect.

  1. Stump Grinding

This method is more-or-less, the most common technique utilized by landscaping services. After all, it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective for both parties. The only difference you would find between landscaping companies in the hardware and technology that we use. Being a veteran in the landscaping industry, we always use the latest technology for all our operations.

Landscaping Lubbock Pro uses industry-level equipment that allows us to grind your stump 3 inches to 6 inches below the surface level. Before the grinding process, our contractors prepare the area surrounding it to avoid any additional issues. Our staff also makes sure that there are no roots left beneath the ground. With that out of the way, your pipes can be safe from further damage. After we finish grinding your stump, we do a thorough clean-up of the surrounding area.

Our Partner: Arborist Spokane

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