Are you living in a dry and hot place? Do you want to stop mowing your lawn? We have a solution to that! Xeriscaping is the art of landscaping to reduce the usage of irrigation systems in maintaining your garden.

While we usually use it for areas with hot climates, xeriscaping is applicable for places with cooler weather. If you are a growing succulent enthusiast, this style of landscaping may be the one for you!

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Pros of Xeriscaping

  1. Lowers your water bill

As you can imagine, the primary benefit of xeriscaping is the decrease it brings to your water bills.  With no grass to water, you only have to water the minimal vegetation in your garden.

  1. Reduction of carbon footprint

Since mowing can use a lot of electricity and petroleum, xeriscaping can help with this by eliminating any grass in your lawn. Moreover, you can save more money by having no grass to mow.

  1. More flexibility with your time

With a garden that requires little maintenance, you will have more time to do other things than trimming, mowing, and watering your yard. Although xeriscaping reduces the number of plants in your lawn, you shouldn’t forget to water them regularly.

Cons of Xeriscaping

  1. Fewer options to work with

When you decide to have a landscaping company xeriscape your lawn, you may have fewer options to work with. Specifically, you will have smaller plants to work with since not all plants are drought-tolerant.

  1. May not attract potential buyers

Don’t get us wrong. Xeriscaping is as beautiful as your regular grassy gardens; however, some people prefer seeing a lot of green. So, they may not be interested in homes with xeriscape yards; this also doesn’t mean that your property’s value will decrease.

  1. Early stages may take a while

As we will be doing your garden a complete makeover, the early stages of the process may take a while. That is because we will have to plan the entire operation carefully, and we will also have to reduce the grass on your lawn.

The Xeriscaping Process

Similar to regular landscaping, we will have to complete the design process. This stage will take a while since we will do a thorough investigation of your property’s terrain. With this assessment, we will decide what plants we can recommend to you, what outdoor living elements we can put, and what forms will best suit your lawn.

Additionally, it is also during this stage where we plan your water systems and utility lines. As professionals, we will do discussions and drafts to know that we are on the right path to the landscape of your dreams.

Once we finalize the design, we can start the construction. After we have checked your soil’s quality, we will decide whether it needs improvement or not. Next, we will start arranging your plants together. This way, we can minimize your water usage. However, we position them with adequate spacing for growth. Following this, we mulch your yard to hinder the rate of moisture evaporation. Lastly, we give you notes on how to maintain your newly xeriscape garden!

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